Work With Me


Hello! I am so honored you have considered me to be your Spiritual Doula as you move through various phases of your life. Most people think of a doula related to birth to support them as they open to bring a new baby into the world. I support you as you move through your life and all the obstacles that can occur while you embody the energy of your Higher Self. I have several ways that I can support you on this journey and heal your womb and bring more pleasure and peace into your life.

My Offerings are…

Find Your Purpose

Over 5 weeks you will gain clarity and confidence in living your purpose and sharing your passions and gifts with the world as you connect to 3 spirit guides that support you and other like-minded women.

Path to Sacred Motherhood

Are you calling in a baby or a mother and wanting to step into Sacred Motherhood? Over 60 days I partner with you for deep healing as you release any energy keeping you from being the amazing mother you know you can be.

Life Coaching

This is for anyone ready to do deep connection and healing with their womb, heal generations of trauma and start to create the life they desire. This is 6 months of continual support to strengthen your intuition, connect to your soul’s purpose, surrender to trust and connect to your feminine power.

Mama-to-be Coaching

This is for any pregnant mamas who desire support spiritually, emotionally during this time of creation. I will be your Spiritual Doula and help you connect to your womb, child and intuition for a beautiful birth and postpartum.