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"Crystal's healing gifts and wisdom of the womb are second to none, plus... SO magical. She has an incredible ability to guide you through a journey of deep healing and profound shifts. She gracefully lifts you into a place of being so deeply connected to the sacred space of the womb and your role as a mother in the Age of Aquarius. Crystal truly leads by example as she continuously find the highest path to authentic, spiritually-aligned motherhood. She leads you to your own inner guidance and gives you the most beautiful support every step of the way. I highly recommend Crystal's sacred work for any woman who is, or plans to be, a conscious mother walking the path of spirituality and purity." ~ Katelyn Edgar, Intuitive Alchemist

“Crystal is the most amazing womb warrior. Do not be fooled by her gentle ways, her presence and power are as fierce as a protective Mama Bear. Her nurturing spirt and deep intuition holds you cradled as you venture into the depth of yourself to the answers you seek. 

Despite not being a mother to physical children, I love and value Crystal as a soul sister Priestess and return to her womb activation time and time again to seed and nurture my creative endeavours.” ~ Peta Panos, Healer and Conscious Prosperity Coach


"Crystal's divine insight has been such a blessing in my life. Our sessions began during a very trying time in my life, and her guidance, techniques, and wisdom have helped me immensely on my path. I've gained skills I need to not only cope with, but overcome challenges and setbacks. If you want to connect deeply with yourself and your intuition, experience peace and healing, and become closer to Source, Crystal is the one for you. She is especially skilled at helping heal birth stories, your own birth or your children's. The clarity I gained from only 6 Life Coaching sessions have truly changed my life. I am eternally grateful for this woman and her gifts, she is an Earth Angel!

Before my sessions, I had trouble centering and grounding myself, was struggling with boundaries in my realationships, and felt like I had drive and purpose, but not the tools I needed to put that to use. It is easier for me to stay calm and not react poorly or too quickly. I have more clarity and can see the bigger picture more often, which helps me to stay grounded. All of the visualisation and meditation techniques, but particularly envisioning and working with my higher self, and being in my heart garden are very helpful. I now stand firm in my boundaries. No matter how hectic situations I can't control are, I can always control my boundaries which realy helps me feel strong, loved and cared for. Also taking time to do any of the things I've learned in coaching is super potent self care time. I still have more work I'd like to do in this area, but I feel it has improved significantly. I just feel more at peace, more in control, and confident in myself and my dreams. My favorite parts are when we go back and change things, I can really feel the transformative energy and I feel like doing that is now and is going to be hugely significant in my life." ~ Olivia Baustian, Entrepreneur & Mama of 2


“I have worked with Crystal in the past before I was pregnant and use her techniques and exercises frequently. Working with her during my pregnancy was one of the best decisions I did. I knew instantly that I needed this support as I was in a difficult space with darkness and depression. Crystal held so much space that no one else could do in a loving and non-judgmental way. It allowed me to sort through the emotions that came up and allowed me to prepare for a beautiful unassisted birth where I followed my intuition and emerged from the dark cave into a beautiful life. I felt so supported with someone who would check in with me and gently remind me to connect with my womb and baby. She was very much part of my birth team.” ~ Olivia Baustian, Entrepreneur & Mama of 2

“I have come to realize that the focus of my business is evolving and I need to grieve that change so I can have a more sustainable way to be fulfilled in my work. Through Find Your Purpose I am harnessing the idea of death and rebirth, something I've never considered before. I am embodying a new version of myself and the emotions that will come up are helping me to evolve as I transition. I know the initial ideas and feelings within my business aren’t gone, but I am just deepening into my understanding of what my life’s purpose is while I connect deeper with myself and intuition and implement healthier lifestyle changes. I am becoming more confident. Learning as I step forward freely, my feet land exactly where I'm needed, and I am releasing second questioning, which is a HUGE step for me. Even though I wasn’t able to make the calls live, I have received everything I needed in perfect timing. Crystal is a gift, just being present with her has exactly the clarifying effect needed to navigate this transition phase.” ~ Frances Rabon, Doula and photographer, Mama of 3

My son’s birth was very traumatic and I was having a difficult time coming to terms with the experience until my rebirthing ceremony with Crystal. I was finally able to feel the pure joy and love I missed out on when meeting him for the first time. I was encouraged to respect and trust the power of my intuition. I was able to equate my birth with feeling held up and supported rather than with anxiety and helplessness. I can now tell my birth story without sadness and tears. Crystal brought her calm, healing energy and I felt completely safe and comfortable and able to open up to the experience. I had no idea what to expect but feel so blessed I was able to transform my birth story with Crystal’s help.” ~ Amanda K., Mama of 1

“Having Crystal as my life coach was a very transformational time in my life. I was going through some big changes and it was such a beautiful blessing to have Crystal to help teach and guide me. She is very intuitive, understanding and is easy to talk to. She has a very magical energy. The growth that I experienced with her as my life coach is something that I value greatly. I would recommend her to anyone, especially new mothers and mothers who are needing extra support as I know she is very gifted in this area.” ~ Alicia Brakke, Healer and Massage Therapist, Mama of 1

“I worked with Crystal with life coaching over 4 months. During this time Crystal held space for me to intuitively find the answers. She gently offered guidance and gentle reminders of how to connect with my Higher Self and encouraged me along the way. Working with Crystal allowed me to tap into my own power and gave me the tools to help me focus. I was able to tap into my Soul’s self again and not get lost in the everyday stuff. I enjoyed receiving messages and emails between sessions to help me stay focused during this time.” Emily Beatrice, Light Language Channel and Intuitive Healer, Mama of 3

"I thoroughly enjoyed expressing myself and sharing my gifts in this nurturing group Find Your Purpose. Crystal created such a safe and loving space for us all to gain clarity on our purpose and to feel supported by other like minded women

I am grateful to Crystal and the women in this group for allowing me to share my soul's true vibrancy. I gained more confidence in my gifts and clarity of what my other gifts are. 

I am making more space in my life for my purpose as a Light Language Channel by releasing things that no longer serve me or were weighing me down. Love and light." ~ Emily Flek, Light Language Channel and Intuitive Healer, Mama of 3

”Working with Crystal during my pregnancy was truly God send. As my first pregnancy, I dealt with a lot of fears and had a lot of questions. Working with Crystal's gentle yet powerful energy helped me resolve most of my fears. She was so supporting through my entire pregnancy. I love our sessions together. They are so refreshing and insightful. My favorite session was connecting to the soul of my baby with my husband. It was pure magic. Thank you Crystal for your guidance and making my first pregnancy a magical one.” ~ Abigail Mensah-Bonsu, Life, Sprit & Love Coach & Healer, Mama of 1

"I did a Womb Session with Crystal and it was incredible.  She was able to tap into a part of me that not many people can. And she did with reverence and respect to my spirit.  She helped me to connect to a powerful past life of mine that was preventing me from fully being in my body and she helped me heal that past. Crystal has a gentle angelic spirit that just radiates love and light to all who come into her presence.  She is a powerful healer and coach in tune and connected to all that is divine. I am very picky with who I chose to work with. As a master soul, only those in that vibration and frequency can assist me on my healing journey otherwise I end up healing them instead. That says a lot about Crystals.  She is truly and amazing healer, Goddess, and Coach." ~ Abigail Mensah-Bonsu, Life, Sprit & Love Coach & Healer, Mama of 1

"I really didn't know what to expect when I was getting ready to receive my Womb Session with Crystal. In fact, I almost cancelled it! And I am so happy I didn't! Crystal's incredibly warm energy made me feel at home from the very beginning of our session. Slowly and gently, she led me on a beautiful journey where I tapped into some underlying trauma that seemed to stem back a few generations. Through her loving and incredibly supportive energy, she gentle guided me to shed light on some very vulnerable and sensitive issues that were not only mine, but my mother's and her mother's and her mother's ... that felt really dark and heavy for me. Bit by bit, we dissipated the heavy energy and I instantly felt lighter. I never felt alone or abandoned, I felt incredibly held and supported the entire time. I knew a deep healing was taking place by the physical symptoms I felt, tears, tingling, lightness, and deeper breathing. Crystal is a true angel and incredibly equipped to guide you through this delicate process. The results are nothing short of miraculous. Thank you Crystal! <3" ~ Gabriela Brunner, Intuitive Advisor & Coach, Mama of 2


"I had a Connecting to the Womb session with Crystal when I was pregnant. It was such an amazing experience. She helped me move past my fear around birth into a place of joy. It is also so much easier to connect to both of my children because of this beautiful experience. I often have a hard time connecting to my heart and with Crystal guiding me it was so much easier to tap into my heart space and my inner wisdom. She even caught me going into my head and moved me towards my heart. Crystal is gentle and kind and truly wants the best experience for you. She helps keep a safe container so you can heal your past and open up to the future. Even though my child’s birth was traumatic the connection I made with him was always there and it helped me save his life, knowing what he needed during the birth. She is a true blessing. I am beyond grateful for everything she has taught me. She is a beautiful healer." ~ Haley McLeod, Mama of 2

"Oh My goodness what can I say about Crystal! She is such a beautiful light in this world. I am so grateful to have her in my life! I have been on a few journeys with Crystal. The womb sessions has brought so much clarity into my life. She helped me clear some energy there that I was not even aware of at the time. It was truly such a healing and gave me answers to a few things in my life. That was  such a powerful experience everyone should have her facilitate this journey for them!

Working with Crystal Pawlus has been such a gift in my life. Learning to deepen into the power of the womb is truly transformational. Honoring my divine feminine, my flow, my cycle is a beautiful gift as a woman. To honor every part of that and how to harness the divine feminine flow to create, maneuver through life and honor one's own energetic, divine energy is truly amazing. Learning when to be still and when to create made a big difference for me to not go against my own natural flow. I am truly grateful for Crystal's beautiful and loving container that she provides when we needed to release old traumas within my womb. Thank you beautiful goddess for your magic in this world. So grateful for you in my life. I know why she is the Womb Priestess.” ~ Sandra Suarez Dominguez,  Intuitive Empowerment Coach, Mentor and Divine channel of the River Goddess & Mama of 2

"Crystal is amazing at leading group or one-on-one meditations. I would leave our visits feeling more clarity and focus than before. I was able to let go of things that were holding me back and reduce the noise surrounding me in daily life to focus on myself and figure out my own wants and needs." ~ Katie Stokes, Mama of 1

"I first met Crystal joining in a week long Motherhood Challenge led by her in the Facebook group, Sacred Mama Bear Cave. Instantly I felt what an amazing, powerful woman she is. As a result of this challenge I was gifted a Womb Session with Crystal. I was very intrigued and excited, but honestly had no idea what to expect. Both my childrens births were very positive and loving. I did not even think I could heal MY birth story. I was lucky enough to have my session in person. As soon as I met Crystal I could feel her warm, compassionate and empathetic energy. Crystal is amazing, and my session was amazing! Her intuitiveness and gentle guidance brought me to safe and loving space where I experienced healing that I was not even aware was needed. As an energy worker myself, I had been feeling somewhat depleted. Crystal rejuvenated my energy and started me on a higher path. I am so grateful for this beautiful soul and the times I am continually touched by her magic. " ~ Chelle Gillis, Mama of 2


"Finding your purpose is a beautiful journey and unfolding. You really get to connect with your purpose. The fire or desire that burns within you that is finding it's way to be created into reality. Crystal holds such a beautiful sacred space to allow you to dive deep within and to connect with those desires. This journey allows you to see what is holding you back and how to find and receive the next steps you need to follow your purpose. You also get to learn a lot about yourself as well. It's really powerful and amazing." ~ Sandra Suarez Dominguez, Intuitive Empowerment Coach, Mentor and Divine channel of the River Goddess & Mama of 2