Path to Sacred Motherhood

Are you feeling the call into motherhood but have fears or doubts?


Are you calling in a new baby into your life? 

🌱 Maybe you have read everything in the world and are ready to take the next step

🌱 Or you are still healing and grieving from a traumatic birth or loss from a previous pregnancy.

🌱 Or this will be the first time you’re stepping into this role of motherhood and you don’t have the first idea what to do

No matter what you’re thinking, feeling and experiencing, you’re not alone.  

Stepping into pregnancy and motherhood is a life changing experience.  It can be scary, isolating and bring up all of your stuff.  

✨ The good news is how you go about it has the potential to be healing for both you and the child you’ll be bringing into the world. It can open you up to a whole new world of receptivity and support. 

The Path to Sacred Motherhood is a 60 day partnership where I will intimately support you to heal, release and start creating this new life. 


If you are desiring support to prepare for motherhood but you have fears and questions like: 

  • Will I be a good mother?

  • How can I make sure my child doesn’t experience the trauma and pain I felt as a child?

  • Am I enough to be a mother? Or a mother to multiple children? Do I have enough love?

  • Do I deserve to experience so much love in my life?

  • Can I handle the amount of both love and potential pain having a child will bring?

Motherhood starts before conception and there are ways that you can prepare by releasing fears and creating a bond with your future child. When you start to prepare for motherhood consciously it allows for a better bond with your child and your partner. The bond you make during their conception into birth will carry through both of your entire lifetimes. 

The Sacred Path To Motherhood guidance, healing and support is not only the support you long for but also the support you didn’t even know you needed.  

Here you’ll prepare for or move through your pregnancy, release patterns that no longer serve you, and walk this sacred path to motherhood with the support you need. 

If you’re ready to really show up for yourself and your baby, by engaging fully throughout this healing intensive, here are some of the results you can receive from the Path to Sacred Motherhood:

❤️ Learn how to release stress so you keep you baby infused with pure love instead of the stress and emotions you don’t want your child to feel.

❤️ Release generational trauma so you don’t have to carry heavy energy that’s not yours into motherhood 

❤️ Experience more love, peace and calm as a mother. 

❤️ Connect and start this bond with your child now, that will last a lifetime. This connection is a way to communicate to help you know what you and your baby need during pregnancy, birth and beyond.

❤️ Release any guilt, shame or fear of being a mother and meeting your personal needs so you can have a smooth transition into motherhood. 

❤️ Connect with yourself and your intuition on a deeper level so that when you have circumstances that can feel chaotic and/or out of your control you know how to connect to your truth to make wise decisions and take care of yourself.  Because hello you’re entering motherhood things will get crazy and you will be able to enjoy this ride versus fight it. You also need to start prioritizing yourself now because when your child comes around your self care will be so important so you can nurture them the way they need. 

❤️ Heal any trauma or grief from relationships, sexual abuse or past birth trauma so that you can be open to experience more pleasure in the pregnancy and birth process. 

If you are looking at this and saying “Yes! I need this!” This is the answer to your prayers, even if you don’t remember praying for this support.


Over 60 days I will partner with you through one-on-one Womb Sessions. These sessions are so powerful and transformative as we go on a journey into your womb for deep healing and inspiration.

Between the Womb Sessions you will receive support via Voxer over the 60 days. It’s like you having ultimate support in your back pocket. 

Plus reach out today to receive these extra bonuses for the ultimate support! 

  • Self-guided workbooks

  • Workshops to create your support system and learn how to handle your emotions.

  • Video about fertility awareness method to know how to harness your cycle to become pregnant.

  •  And a healing bath wonderfully infused with Reiki flowers, salts and rose quartz to help support your body as you prepare for this initiation into motherhood. 

  • Plus more!

This experience has the ability to change your whole trajectory and experience of motherhood for not only the next year but the next 20+ years!

You deserve this support.  Every woman deserves this support.  

Will you let yourself receive it? 

If so, the first step is to fill out the application below, and from there I will contact you to schedule a complimentary 30 minute connection call.  

**If you are someone who is a fast mover or already months into your pregnancy and wanting this kind of support there is an option for a 2 week intensive as well.

If you desire to connect with your baby’s soul, check out the recorded webinar where I walk you through how to connect with your womb and your baby’s soul.

Connect with Your Baby's Soul Webinar
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See what other’s have to say about their Womb Sessions…


“I really didn’t know what to expect when I was getting ready to receive my Womb Session with Crystal. In fact, I almost cancelled it! And I am so happy I didn’t! Crystal’s incredibly warm energy made me feel at home from the very beginning of our session. Slowly and gently, she led me on a beautiful journey where I tapped into some underlying trauma that seemed to stem back a few generations. Through her loving and incredibly supportive energy, she gentle guided me to shed light on some very vulnerable and sensitive issues that were not only mine, but my mother’s and her mother’s and her mother’s … that felt really dark and heavy for me. Bit by bit, we dissipated the heavy energy and I instantly felt lighter. I never felt alone or abandoned, I felt incredibly held and supported the entire time. I knew a deep healing was taking place by the physical symptoms I felt, tears, tingling, lightness, and deeper breathing. Crystal is a true angel and incredibly equipped to guide you through this delicate process. The results are nothing short of miraculous. Thank you Crystal ~ Gabriella Brunner, Intuitive Advisor & Coach, Mama of 2


"I had a Connecting to the Womb session with Crystal when I was pregnant. It was such an amazing experience. She helped me move past my fear around birth into a place of joy. It is also so much easier to connect to both of my children because of this beautiful experience. I often have a hard time connecting to my heart and with Crystal guiding me it was so much easier to tap into my heart space and my inner wisdom. She even caught me going into my head and moved me towards my heart. Crystal is gentle and kind and truly wants the best experience for you. She helps keep a safe container so you can heal your past and open up to the future. Even though my child’s birth was traumatic the connection I made with him was always there and it helped me save his life, knowing what he needed during the birth. She is a true blessing. I am beyond grateful for everything she has taught me. She is a beautiful healer." ~ Haley McLeod, Mama of 2


“Oh My goodness what can I say about Crystal! She is such a beautiful light in this world. I am so grateful to have her in my life! I have been on a few journeys with Crystal. The womb journey has brought so much clarity into my life. She helped me clear some energy there that I was not even aware of at the time. It was truly such a healing and gave me answers to a few things in my life. That was  such a powerful experience everyone should have her facilitate this journey for them!" ~ Sandra Suarez Dominguez, Intuitive Empowerment Coach, Mentor and Divine channel of the River Goddess & Mama of 2


“I did a Womb session with Crystal and it was incredible. She was able to tap into a part of me that not many people can. And she did with reverence and respect to my spirit. She helped me to connect to a powerful past life of mine that was preventing me from fully being in my body and she helped me heal that past. Crystal has a gentle angelic spirit that just radiates love and light to all who come into her presence. She is a powerful healer and coach in tune and connected to all that is divine. I am very picky with who I chose to work with. As a master soul, only those in that vibration and frequency can assist me on my healing journey otherwise I end up healing them instead. That says a lot about Crystals. She is truly and amazing healer, Goddess, and Coach.” ~ Abigail Mensah-Bonsu, Life, Sprit & Love Coach & Healer, Mama of 1

“My son’s birth was very traumatic and I was having a difficult time coming to terms with the experience until my rebirthing ceremony with Crystal. I was finally able to feel the pure joy and love I missed out on when meeting him for the first time. I was encouraged to respect and trust the power of my intuition. I was able to equate my birth with feeling held up and supported rather than with anxiety and helplessness. I can now tell my birth story without sadness and tears. Crystal brought her calm, healing energy and I felt completely safe and comfortable and able to open up to the experience. I had no idea what to expect but feel so blessed I was able to transform my birth story with Crystal’s help.” Amanda K., Mama of 1

“I first met Crystal joining in a week long Motherhood Challenge led by her in the Facebook group, Sacred Mama Bear Cave. Instantly I felt what an amazing, powerful woman she is. As a result of this challenge I was gifted a Heal Your Birth session with Crystal. I was very intrigued and excited, but honestly had no idea what to expect. Both my childrens births were very positive and loving. I did not even think I could heal MY birth story. I was lucky enough to have my session in person. As soon as I met Crystal I could feel her warm, compassionate and empathetic energy. Crystal is amazing, and my session was amazing! Her intuitiveness and gentle guidance brought me to safe and loving space where I experienced healing that I was not even aware was needed. As an energy worker myself, I had been feeling somewhat depleted. Crystal rejuvenated my energy and started me on a higher path. I am so grateful for this beautiful soul and the times I am continually touched by her magic. ” ~ Chelle Gillis, Mama of 2