My Story

I’m so honored to connect with you and share my story with you. I’m an intuitive womb coach and spiritual doula. I support women into and through their journey of Sacred Motherhood. Helping them connect to their womb, share their passions and living their purpose, all while being present to their family. I’m a wife to my best friend and fellow science nerd, and mother to two beautiful children. I love to be outside in nature and I need adventure in my life.


Growing up I always felt too much:

Too sensitive. Too needy. Too awkward. Too annoying. Too weird.

In my adult life I channeled my energy into helping others. That’s why I became a pediatric nurse but this didn’t fulfill me. I felt drained and frustrated with the western medical system and in my pursuit for something bigger, I began studying Traditional Chinese Medicine and Herbs.

I was coasting along in life. I wasn’t depressed but I wouldn’t say I was happy. I always knew there was a deeper meaning to life but didn’t seem to have time to investigate. I fully dove into my spirituality and life’s purpose through a series of initiations that took me through the cycle of life, from death to rebirth.

The first initiation~ The Death

The first initiation literally knocked me off my current path and onto this one when I sustained a minor head injury in a car accident. A car white car came out of no where and smashed into me knocking me out and sending my car across to the opposite side of the road and quite literally sent me on a path to find my Soul’s purpose. I was forced to slow down and do deep healing of myself. I was unable to work as a nurse, or continue with school. Everything became overwhelming, even the simplest of things like making food for myself, let alone others.

As someone who loves to give to others, especially to my loved ones, it was so hard to just be on the receiving end as there was nothing left for me to give others. My life completely changed from work and caring for others to focusing on myself and going to several different healing modalities. Since I was the main provider in my family while my husband was in graduate school, we had to move in with my parents as we could no longer afford to live on our own. I felt like I lost everything. It was death… Death to my old self and many ideas that I once held onto.

This initiation was a long two year journey while everything was overwhelming. I’ve always been sensitive to energies around me but during this time I literally was so overwhelmed by everything. I had to learn to set boundaries and protect my energy. This time was such an amazing gift. At the time I felt like I was in a dark cave and would never see light again but it changed me. It made me who I am today and I’m so grateful for these hard two years.

The second initiation ~ The Fear

The second initiation was when I started my journey to be a mother. The pregnancy was full of fear and doubt as I struggled with pain from fibroids, non-cancerous tumors that were growing along with my baby boy. I had just started to feel well again after the head injury and was coming out into the big world when I found myself pregnant. To say I was less than thrilled was an understatement. I loved children but never was sure I would be a good mother and feared losing myself to being a mother. Because of this fear and many others, It was a difficult pregnancy and I struggled with postpartum depression and anxiety after his birth.

I found myself alone at home with my baby boy who relied on me. I felt so alone as my family wasn’t near and I didn’t have a support system. My husband worked long hours in a job that he hated. I felt like I was going into old patterns and behaviors I had just healed from the head injury. I love my child so much that I was so afraid that he would get hurt. That I wasn’t good enough to be his mother. It was a very dark time when I was supposed to be bonding and enjoying being with my baby.

I finally had enough and new something had to change. My husband and I took control of our lives and made big decisions that included several moves across the country in pursue of a more desirable job for my husband. During this time was when I started to connect with other mothers who were also struggling. It became my passion to support them even if it was just talking at the park. I started to look into how to share these passions with others which lead me to become a postpartum doula. I had a spark within me I hadn’t felt in a long time supporting mothers and their families. I wanted to do more and that lead me to hire my first coach and started training myself to be an intuitive coach. Everything came full circle as I unlocked my Soul’s purpose, and became an intuitive coach myself for mothers.


The third initiation ~ The Rebirth

The third initiation was the pregnancy and birth of my daughter, my second child. It all started when we moved to a small community in Southeast Alaska. I packed up my life and headed to a place I had never been before. I was done with living in fear and completely surrendered to love and trust during this move. It was one of the most amazing things that we ever did and there have been so many miracles along the way including my sweet baby girl.

This surrender and trust prepared me for an amazing pregnancy. As I moved through the pregnancy, stared the fears that once crippled me and caused so much pain with my first. I realized the birth I desired would not be attained in the hospital here so I did tons of research, and settled on birthing her at home with only my husband, mother, son and a doula/friend present. I worked through every fear including the fear of death, surrendered to trust in such a new way.

I lived farther away from family then ever before but my experience with postpartum was completely different as I had the knowledge and tools. I had set up a beautiful support team around me even if I had just moved to a new town just 9 months prior to her birth.

Currently I live in beautiful Ketchikan, AK with my family. When I’m not working with clients I love to play with my kids, make crafts, play in the forrest looking for magic and going on adventures. I love being so close to the the water and frequent beaches to search for treasures. I use kundalini yoga and meditation to help me daily as I surrender and honor God everyday.

I now have surrendered and awakened to living my life in Sacred Motherhood. I am so supported, fully expressing my soul, passions and being so present with my family. I would love to share more about Sacred Motherhood with you.