Life Coaching

Hello Beautiful,

I see you looking for something more in your life beyond the everyday grind. You have passions and desires but you’re unsure where to start. You have moments of such clarity and then they seem to pass swiftly as you sit with all the details and and the questions: How will this work? How can I make money from this? How can I have balance in my life? How can I have time for myself when there is barely enough time for me as it is? I need something that is sustainable!

I see you mama!

You are busy, you orchestrate life everyday, the kids, errands, the home, work.

You are done living the struggle. You are done just making it by.

You have hopes, dreams and passions that you are now ready to share. You’re done playing small and ready to go big. You are ready to give up worrying what others have to say. You’re ready to go…….. then something happens in your life and you have to attend to someone or something else. The energy you built up deflates and you’re stuck here at the same point you’ve been for too long.

Enough is enough! This is your invitation….. you are ready!


Activate Your INTUITION

You’re ready to activate your intuition. You have all the answers within you and you’re ready to know what they are. The answers that won’t only help you today, but set up the future life that you have been desiring. When you activate your intuition you don’t have to rely on someone else for the answers. You can confidently make decisions as the feminine anchor in your family.

Just as you lead your children everyday, you can have someone encouraging you and cheering you on, support with no strings attached. The only thing that is required of you is to take time for yourself.

With my support you will reset patterns and behaviors that you’ve used your entire life. You will make the big changes in your life that will allow you to move forward with your dreams. I will support you while you move past these and into a new paradigm. I will support you, encourage you, ask the hard questions for you to create this life that you desire. You’re ready to have support on this crazy journey of life!

Activate your super powers

You have gifts, maybe they involve the healing power of touch, or maybe you are amazing at organizing large groups of people. These are things that are easy for you but challenging for others. You might not even think about them being a “super power”. These are special things that you and only you can give to the world. Isn’t it remarkable to think that you are the only one that can share your gifts with the world? No one else can do it like you! It doesn’t matter if other people are doing something similar, people are out there waiting, just for you!

Tap into your feminine flow for no more burn out

When you allow yourself to connect on a deep level with your physical body through your menstrual cycle it gives you the knowledge and can help guide your energy. You will know how to use your energy and when to schedule things into your life, vs when to take more time for relaxation. This is key to keeping your energy up and being able to follow through on your dreams without the burn out.

I Activate Your super powers, this unique fingerprint of your passions, creativity, and natural gifts, so that you can share them with the world. It is my favorite thing to watch women step into their power and share it with others.

Why hire a coach?


You might be thinking, “So this all sounds great but what is the purpose of a coach? Why can’t I do these things on my own?”.

A coach understands what you are capable of, will push you beyond your comfort zone, and will keep you accountable. You are ready to achieve quantum leaps because things are going too slow at the pace you’re currently at.

As a mother you want to be an example to your children to follow your passions. You’re ready to dive in, and a coach can provide the balance and spiritual guidance necessary in order to achieve your life’s goals.

I will hold you at the energy of your soul so you can make the transition from your current energy level into one of higher resonance quickly. As magic flows into you and you journey through your emotions, it is my privilege to support you with deep intuitive healing and one-on-one support individualized just for you!

During our time together you will:

Learn to access and trust your intuition and know your Higher Self, a version of your soul that you can start to embody today.

Learn to tap into your cycles to harness your energy in a sustainable way.

Work with your higher self, and spiritual guides so you can access this inner knowing and make decisions that is right for you on a soul level.

Learn meditation techniques and tools to help you stay calm and focused on your goal.

Clarify your life’s purpose and be able to follow your passions. That thing that sparks your soul.

End burnout and have enough energy to do the things that you want and not feel drained.

Release the shame and guilt of having a desire outside of your family.

Learn how to establish healthy personal boundaries.

Experience more fun, play and pleasure in your life and have that extra spring in your step when you walk. People will ask you what your secret is.

Gain the confidence to go after your dreams and share your gifts with others. To express yourself and your soul, and to release this caged in feeling.


Over 6 months you will receive:

  • One 90 minute one-on-one break through session to jump start the process and release any limiting beliefs and get you started moving toward your desired support.

  • 11 bi-monthly 60 minute one-on-one session with me.

  • Monthly future-planning, envisioning, and action plans ceremony. You will receive a prompt monthly via email and I will hold a ceremony for you each month.

  • Clear and Protect your Energy Workshop.

  • Support between sessions using Voxer or email for continuous support. It’s like you have this support in your back pocket.

I would be so honored to support you as your coach while you make your dreams come true.

If you desire this support please fill out the application and I will be in touch to schedule your complimentary 30 minute assessment call where I can answer any questions and see if this is the support you are desiring.

See what other’s have to say about this support


"Crystal's divine insight has been such a blessing in my life. Our sessions began during a very trying time in my life, and her guidance, techniques, and wisdom have helped me immensely on my path. I've gained skills I need to not only cope with, but overcome challenges and setbacks. If you want to connect deeply with yourself and your intuition, experience peace and healing, and become closer to Source, Crystal is the one for you. She is especially skilled at helping heal birth stories, your own birth or your children's. The clarity I gained from only 6 Life Coaching sessions have truly changed my life. I am eternally grateful for this woman and her gifts, she is an Earth Angel! Before my sessions, I had trouble centering and grounding myself, was struggling with boundaries in my realationships, and felt like I had drive and purpose, but not the tools I needed to put that to use. It is easier for me to stay calm and not react poorly or too quickly. I have more clarity and can see the bigger picture more often, which helps me to stay grounded. All of the visualisation and meditation techniques, but particularly envisioning and working with my higher self, and being in my heart garden are very helpful. I now stand firm in my boundaries. No matter how hectic situations I can't control are, I can always control my boundaries which realy helps me feel strong, loved and cared for. Also taking time to do any of the things I've learned in coaching is super potent self care time. I still have more work I'd like to do in this area, but I feel it has improved significantly. I just feel more at peace, more in control, and confident in myself and my dreams. My favorite parts are when we go back and change things, I can really feel the transformative energy and I feel like doing that is now and is going to be hugely significant in my life." ~ Olivia Baustian, Entrepreneur & Mama of 2

“Working with Crystal Pawlus has been such a gift in my life. Learning to deepen into the power of the womb is truly transformational. Honoring my divine feminine, my flow, my cycle is a beautiful gift as a woman. To honor every part of that and how to harness the divine feminine flow to create, maneuver through life and honor one's own energetic, divine energy is truly amazing. Learning when to be still and when to create made a big difference for me to not go against my own natural flow. I am truly grateful for Crystal's beautiful and loving container that she provides when we needed to release old traumas within my womb. Thank you beautiful goddess for your magic in this world. So grateful for you in my life. I know why she is the Womb Priestess.” ~ Sandra Suarez Dominguez, Intuitive Empowerment Coach, Mentor and Divine channel of the River Goddess & Mama of 2

“I worked with Crystal with life coaching over 4 months. During this time Crystal held space for me to intuitively find the answers. She gently offered guidance and gentle reminders of how to connect with my Higher Self and encouraged me along the way. Working with Crystal allowed me to tap into my own power and gave me the tools to help me focus. I was able to tap into my Soul’s self again and not get lost in the everyday stuff. I enjoyed receiving messages and emails between sessions to help me stay focused during this time.” Emily Beatrice, Light Language Channel and Intuitive Healer, Mama of 3

“Having Crystal as my life coach was a very transformational time in my life. I was going through some big changes and it was such a beautiful blessing to have Crystal to help teach and guide me. She is very intuitive, understanding and is easy to talk to. She has a very magical energy. The growth that I experienced with her as my life coach is something that I value greatly. I would recommend her to anyone, especially new mothers and mothers who are needing extra support as I know she is very gifted in this area.” Alicia Brakke, Intuitive Healer and Massage Therapist, Mama of 1

Make sure you fill out the application and I will be in touch to schedule your complimentary 30-minute assessment call. I’m so excited to connect with you!

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