Ketchikan Women’s Moon Circle


Local ladies in Ketchikan, Alaska, I invite you to join me to gather for the circle.

New Moon in Scorpio ~ Release Shadows and Skeletons

The new moon is a time to set intentions for what you want in your life. This new moon in Scorpio is about diving into your emotions and will help you make the changes necessary to release those shadows and skeletons that have been hiding in the closet. It’s my little Halloween pun… and no it won’t be anything scary but providing a safe space to see what doesn’t serve you anymore.

Sunday, October 27th at 5 pm

This circle is all about removing those things that do not serve you and bring you joy into your life. 

This event is for you if you are a women desiring to create supportive relationships.

What to expect:

We will meet in the beautiful space at Massage by the Sea.

We will gather and have time to connect with other women in the community, some old friends and others new.

We will then gather in a circle and I will lead you through guided meditation. You do not need to know how to meditate to join. There will be journal prompts for you to reflect on to help you connect deeper with yourself and start to create your dream life. There will be time to share with the other beautiful women and we will move our bodies and celebrate.

Please bring:

  • a pen, paper/journal

  • a cushion or yoga mat to sit on

  • an object to hold your intentions such as a stone, picture, figurine, and an open mind.

  • BYOB- Bring Your Own Bowl, gluten-free, vegan soup will be provided to fill your bowl and your soul.

  • Drink of your choice

  • Light refreshments will be provided.


There is power when women come together and support one another.

This is a non-denominational open to all women young and old from all walks of life. Please feel free to invite a friend.

We will meet at Massage by the Sea located at 344 Front St Suite A. Located in the BACK of Reid Building that is also shared with Coastal Realty and Sweet Mermaids. Our entrance is located in the alley directly behind the Ketchikan Police Station and right next to the City of Ketchikan Council Chambers. There are several public parking places nearby.

The cost is $33.

Please arrive on time on Sunday, October 27th at 5 pm.

(Minimum of 4 people of it will be canceled and you will be refunded. 24 hour advance notice needed for cancelations.)

To reserve your spot, join by choosing the time zone, then October 27th at 5 pm.