Have you ever felt trapped and unable to follow your passions or unsure what your purpose is?

Do you feel tied down by your current living situation, kids, jobs, lack of finances and you don’t know how to break free so you can just be YOU?

Do you have secret gifts and passions you want to share with others?

You find yourself tired and frustrated that you’re not living the life you want. You feel as if you’re in a cage and don’t have the key as everyday is full and you don’t have extra energy to go after your dreams, passions, or desires. You feel alone even though you are surrounded by loved ones, with your children, partner and even your friends and you don’t feel supported. You find that you’re not even positive what lights you up anymore and feel like an empty vessel filled with tasks and responsibilities that don’t allow you to have the beauty and joy you desire. This leads you to be unclear about what your passions are, and when you finally get time alone, to reflect on them you feel uninspired and can’t produce and be creative the way you think you should. You find yourself trying less and less and getting more disconnected from yourself and feeling more trapped.

You have a desire to just be you but you seem to have lost touch of who you actually are. You feel that you’re missing out on life but at the same time feel guilt and shame for desiring something more for your life, something just for you. You don’t want to risk failing so you stay put in this unhappy place. You desire support with no strings attached. You’re ready to jump in head first to gain the clarity and understanding of who this you really is. You’re ready to meet her and connect with her.

If this describes you, I invite you to join Find Your Purpose, 5 weeks of creative exploration designed to draw out your deepest passion. Connect to yourself and your creativity so you can share your passions confidently!

Everyone has passions and these passions are what lights up your soul. They are what make you feel good and like you could talk about them forever if you had the proper space and time. You also have amazing gifts; things that are so easy for you that others find difficult. This is your zone of genius.

You have a unique fingerprint that blends your passions and zone of genius that only YOU can share with the world in your own way, this is your purpose!

I invite you to dive deep into discovering your passions and zone of genius over 5 weeks as you Find Your Purpose, and connect with yourself to gain the confidence to start sharing this with the world.

You may be thinking, I’ve done something like this before and I had the energy to go after my dreams and passions —but then the energy fizzles as life’s circumstances get in the way, or you don’t feel as inspired…. What then?!

I get that, and it’s time for you to break the lie that you have to be constantly producing and being inspired. I’ll share with you how to start to connect to the cycle of life, death and rebirth that we see all around us in nature through the seasons, the feminine cycle and moon cycle. When you start to tap into this cycle knowing that there is a time and place for creativity and production, and also a time to reflect and get inspiration, then you will be able to sustainably follow your passions and live your purpose.

These 5 weeks within Find Your Purpose will awaken you to your power and connect with spirit guides to help support you sharing your gifts and passions. So you can live your purpose. You will also connect with other women who will celebrate you as they walk on their own journey within a private Facebook group designed to provide support and encouragement between calls as well as connection through weekly group calls. 

What you will receive during the 5 weeks:

  • Learn how to navigate the creative cycles of death and rebirth, so when you feel uninspired or unable to produce, you know exactly what phase you are in so you can focus your energy and time to gracefully and swiftly move into a more creative space as you are more in flow.

  • Gain clarity on what lights up your soul and what your passions are so you can bring that spark and excitement into your everyday life. This means you will feel more inspired and connected to yourself and learn how to express your creativity so your life will have more joy and live your purpose. That special reason why you are here on the Earth right now.

  • Gain clarity and learn to harness your natural gifts, your zone of genius. These are the things that come easy to you and you probably don’t even think about them being anything special. When you know and use these natural gifts you save energy and can easily create and express your passions and creativity with less work and more pleasure and joy.

  • Learn how to harness your passions and your natural gifts in a unique way that only you can give to the world. With this understanding that you are a special gift so you can confidently share your purpose with the world so you have more meaning in your life and feel that connection that you are desiring.

  • Release guilt and shame of wanting something just for you so that you can feel fully seen, heard and understood and feel expansive, powerful, confident, sexy, and radiant. 

  • Release the fear of failing so you can once and for all set yourself free from the cage you feel trapped in. Gain confidence knowing that you can never succeed if you never try AND you will have a group of like minded women to support you and cheer you on.

  • Unleash your creativity so that when difficult times arise in your life you can easily find a solution so you are spending less time in struggle and more time in play.

  • Connect with spirit guides that are here to help you express your soul by sharing your passions and using your special gifts.

When you have clarity on your passions, tap into your creativity and zone of genius then you are able to live your life to the fullest and fulfill your purpose. With this clarity you get to start expressing yourself and soul and connect with others on a deeper level. People are out there waiting for you to share your gift with them. They’re waiting just for you! I hope you will join me and Find Your Purpose.

Here’s the deets:

  • 5 weekly group calls. Starting Monday, October 28th through Monday, November 25th. All group calls will be recorded for your convenience and incase your unable to attend live. (Valued at $1,500)

  • Access to a Private Facebook group to connect with other like-minded creative women to share and receive support. (Valued at $500)

That’s a value of $2,000 but you can have it all if you join by October 16th for one time payment of $500 after that the payment will increase to $600 USD or 3 payments of $250 and receive all the bonuses listed below.

Bonuses Included:

  • If you sign up by October 16th you will receive a 30 minute one-on-one session. (Value $300)

  • Receive my New Moon and Full Moon intentions PDFs to help you connect to your intuition, creativity and passions and utilize the cycles of nature to support you living your purpose. (Valued at $75.)

  • Receive the Clear and Protect Your Energy workshop to help you know how to release emotions and keep from taking on other’s energy so you have more space to be you and connect with yourself. You can read more about that here. (Value $500)

  • For further support you after the 5 weeks you will receive my Creating your Village of Support Workbook to help you identify what additional support you desire and how to set boundaries giving and receiving support. This will be emailed to you the 5th week. (Valued at $200)

That’s over a $1,000 in bonuses!

The total value of this course is over $3,000. Join by October 16th for one time payment of $500 after that the payment will increase to $600 or 3 payments of $250.

We start Monday October 28th!

If you want to join simply choose your payment options below. Please review the terms and conditions prior to purchasing.

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See what others are saying…

"I thoroughly enjoyed expressing myself and sharing my gifts in this nurturing group Find Your Purpose. Crystal created such a safe and loving space for us all to gain clarity on our purpose and to feel supported by other like minded women

I am grateful to Crystal and the women in this group for allowing me to share my soul's true vibrancy. I gained more confidence in my gifts and clarity of what my other gifts are. 

I am making more space in my life for my purpose as a Light Language Channel by releasing things that no longer serve me or were weighing me down. Love and light." ~ Emily Flek, Light Language Channel and Intuitive Healer, Mama of 3

“I have come to realize that the focus of my business is evolving and I need to grieve that change so I can have a more sustainable way to be fulfilled in my work. Through this program I am harnessing the idea of death and rebirth, something I've never considered before. I am embodying a new version of myself and the emotions that will come up are helping me to evolve as I transition. I know the initial ideas and feelings within my business aren’t gone, but I am just deepening into my understanding of what my life’s purpose is while I connect deeper with myself and intuition and implement healthier lifestyle changes. I am becoming more confident. Learning as I step forward freely, my feet land exactly where I'm needed, and I am releasing second questioning, which is a HUGE step for me. Even though I wasn’t able to make the calls live, I have received everything I needed in perfect timing. Crystal is a gift, just being present with her has exactly the clarifying effect needed to navigate this transition phase.” ~ Frances Rabon, Doula and photographer, Mama of 3

"Finding your purpose is a beautiful journey and unfolding. You really get to connect with your purpose. The fire or desire that burns within you that is finding it's way to be created into reality. Crystal holds such a beautiful sacred space to allow you to dive deep within and to connect with those desires. This journey allows you to see what is holding you back and how to find and receive the next steps you need to follow your purpose. You also get to learn a lot about yourself as well. It's really powerful and amazing." ~ Sandra Suarez Dominguez, Intuitive Empowerment Coach, Mentor and Divine channel of the River Goddess & Mama of 2