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Connect with your baby’s soul

Are you thinking of becoming a new mother, know you want to be a mother or healing from the loss of a child?


If you said yes, I invite you to the Webinar, Connect to the your baby’s soul.

This webinar is for you if you:

  • Are currently pregnant

  • Know you will be a mother

  • Thinking of having a child

  • Are healing from a miscarriage, abortion, or stillbirth

You are unsure what the next step is to motherhood. You have fears and doubt if there is a baby out there waiting for you to be their mother. You wish you could know and start communicating with your baby so you could know what needs to happen to bring them into the world. 

Did you know you can connect to your baby on a soul level even before they are conceived and are just a dream? 

That’s right!  You can create a bond that will be with you for a lifetime. This helps you make soulful decisions for you and your child. Knowing that there is a soul waiting for you will help you release the fears and doubts that you aren’t ready to become a mother.

If you are healing from a loss from miscarriage, abortion or stillbirth and this soul never came earthside, it can be so hard grieve and your heart longs for this connection. Connecting with your baby’s soul will give you the ability to heal and connect with your angel that walks with you. This will be a step for you to start moving forward with your healing and prepare for the next chapter in your life, knowing they are always with you. 

During this 60 minute webinar you will learn:

  • How to connect with your womb 

  • How to clear energy from your womb that is not yours so you can create space for this new soul to enter.

  • Create the connection with your child’s soul.This bond will tether you spiritually throughout your pregnancy, birth, and the entire life of your child.

  • Gain clarity on what your next step will be to make space for more love and pleasure in your life. 

This experience has the ability to change your whole trajectory and experience of motherhood for not only the next year but the next 20+ years!

As an added bonus

You will receive email support from me for three (3) days after you receive the recorded webinar for any questions and to further support you.

All of this is Valued at over $500 but you can receive your recording for $60.

To receive your recording simply purchase below.

In honor of Infant Loss Awareness day on October 15th, I am offering this at a discount. If you would like more information on ways to heal you can check out the blog for journal prompts here.

Connect with Your Baby's Soul Webinar
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Here’s what people have to say about connecting to their baby’s soul…

Sandra Suarez Dominguez shared when connecting to her baby’s from her miscarriages and abortions “Through connecting with my baby’s soul I learned that this soul walks with me in this life. This soul was like “mom it’s totally ok. My job was just to be an angel for you and it doesn’t mean I love you less and I support you in a different way.” That was one of the biggest gifts was to be able to connect with that soul and receive his gift of unconditional love and something that I can use to connect to that particular part of my life. I was very grateful to Crystal to really be able to see that and release some of the shame, humiliation and judgement. To be able to speak open about it." You can see my interview with her on a Facebook live here.

"I had a Connecting to the Womb session with Crystal when I was pregnant. It was such an amazing experience. She helped me move past my fear around birth into a place of joy. It is also so much easier to connect to both of my children because of this beautiful experience. I often have a hard time connecting to my heart and with Crystal guiding me it was so much easier to tap into my heart space and my inner wisdom. She even caught me going into my head and moved me towards my heart. Crystal is gentle and kind and truly wants the best experience for you. She helps keep a safe container so you can heal your past and open up to the future. Even though my child’s birth was traumatic the connection I made with him was always there and it helped me save his life, knowing what he needed during the birth. She is a true blessing. I am beyond grateful for everything she has taught me. She is a beautiful healer." ~ Haley McLeod, Mama of 2