How to honor your period when you have kids

I’m sure you’ve heard it before, take it easy when your on your period. Don’t overextend yourself and try to find some quiet time. That’s great and all but how are you supposed to honor yourself and your body when you’re bleeding and life still goes on? You still have responsibilities for work, kids and so on. You don’t have someone to come and watch the kids for you so how do you do this? I share how I set myself up and honor my body while still caring for my children.

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Three signs you’re disconnected from your womb

I have talked to so many women that do not realize they are disconnected from their womb and so don’t even consider healing. Many think that infertility, miscarriages and conditions such as endometriosis, polycystic ovarian or fibroids are the only signs that your womb is not working properly, but these are the late symptoms of a disconnection that has been left too long. In fact there are several signs of being disconnected to your womb that if left unchecked can lead to the symptoms above or other conditions. The good news is that it is never too late to start connecting to your womb and healing.

Find out the three signs you are disconnected from your womb!

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Energetic Healing After an Abortion or Miscarriage

I want to discuss about the spirituality and energetics of an abortion and miscarriage. Something that usually isn’t talked about. My intention with this is for it to be healing to those who have experienced an abortion or miscarriage and to educate others who have not. An abortion or miscarriage is an invitation for the mother to dive deep within her emotions. This is used as a catalyst for the mother to heal and embody a version of her Soul or Higher Self.

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