Hi Love!

I’m Crystal Pawlus, a wife, mother, sister, postpartum doula, nurse, intuitive coach and spiritual doula. I’m so blessed you are in this sacred space and to connect with you. For most of my life I felt too sensitive, needy, awkward, and weird. It wasn’t until after sacred initiations, setting boundaries and trusting in myself that I started to change my life. I’ve learned to channel my sensitivities to my benefit, know that I am worthy of self-care and to stand in my power. Let’s face it, I’m still weird, but the best of us are. :)

By learning to channel my once believed nuances into something beneficial I discovered my life’s path, my superpower. My superpower is working with the womb. This is my Soul’s passion to help women activate their wombs and awaken them to their own life’s purpose, aka superpowers. I have the honor of helping women like you claim your life, set boundaries and follow their passions.


You are ready to expand. You are ready for the sacred initiation. You are Ready to learn to nurture your soul and body while caring for your family, friends and your community. You are ready to break the cycle of self-neglect, to fill your cup up with self-care routines and follow your passions. You are ready to claim your feminine power.

I see you! You are ready!


This is your invitation…

You know that you’re ready and you have desires but you’re unsure how to unlock your potential.

I support you as your Spiritual Doula on this sacred walk while you connect to your Soul and passions. You strip away all the energy that is not yours that you have either consciously or unconsciously accepted as your own. As you strip away these energies, your life’s path and passions become clear.


Surrender into trust and support.

Deepen your intuition and connection with your Higher Self, your soul.

Access endless possibilities and infinite energy within yourself.